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1. What is Vastu Shastra?
2. What are the benefits of Vastu Shastra?
3. How does Vastu Shastra work?
4. Who should be using Vastu Shastra consultant?
5. What is the difference between Vastu Shastra and feng shui?
6. Limitations of Vastu Shastra
7. Who should I consult? A Vastu expert or feng shui expert or both?
8. Book your Vastu Shastra consultation

What is Vastu Shastra?

Vastu Shastra (sometimes called Vaastu for short), the ancient Indian art and science of architecture and construction has been linked with a positive impact on numerous areas of your home and business. The practice that started in Asia has been gaining greater popularity in the western world and London and the UK in particular in recent years with developers planning properties based on traditional Vastu Shastra principles.

Vastu Shastra is the art of design, layout, measurements, special geometry and space arrangements and it incorporates traditional Hindu philosophy together with certain Buddhist beliefs. Vastu is a Sanscrit word for a dwelling and Shastra means science.

By applying its distinct philosophy, the Vastu Shastra consultant will recommend specific interventions in your home or business or premises that aim to accomplish harmonious, prosperous and happy environment for the people dwelling or working on the property.

Examining a property plan, the location of rooms, the number of windows in each room, location of objects within the home, colour combinations and other factors is done by a Vastu Shastra expert who will make easy to follow recommendations.

Purush Mandala - Vastu Shastra Consultant London UK

Vastu Shastra Purush Mandala

What are the benefits of Vastu Shastra?

Are you suffering from stress or things you take on in life seem to go harder than you believe they should, whether that’s work, business or relationships? Do you experience mental or emotional blocks?

By simply changing the design layout of your home or business premises even slightly, Vastu Shastra can boost your energy and stamina, giving you a better sleep, which in turn contributes to a better, healthier, more peaceful and prosperous life.

It is, therefore, no surprise that increasingly, more people in the western world, including property developers, cast their eyes on implementing Vastu Shastra in their routine operations and projects.

Backed by natural science and practical solutions, Vastu Shastra consultancy in London has shown a positive influence on one’s family, finances and creativity, made available by driving away any negative energy for yourself and those who live or work with you.

How does Vastu Shastra work?

Vastu Shastra consultancy in London will tailor all interventions to your needs – whether you are seeking the ultimate land or property, have already purchased one or already living in a home you wish to suit to Vastu Shastra principles.

The consultancy will include a detailed assessment of the floor plan, the structure and the property layout and will report on strengths and weaknesses of the dwelling in question.

The consultancy will include an action plan depicting what changes are required for the property to become Vastu Shastra compliant, including suggestions on any furniture layout and arrangement changes.

Who should be using Vastu Shastra consultant?

Vastu Shastra has wide implications and it will contribute to you and those around you whether you are a homeowner, running a business or seeking to sell a property.

• If you’re of Hindu origin, and Vastu is part of your cultural legacy, Vastu might be better suited than feng shui for your needs. Nevertheless, many westerns turn to Vastu as some of the Vastu principles are universal and applicable to western lifestyle.

• If you are looking for a change of fortunes in relationships, work, finances and a healthier and more balanced life, either at home or at work, Vastu Shastra is for you.

• If you are looking to expand your business or give those around you a better and more fulfilling workspace, Vastu Shastra can be the solution.

• Struggling to sell a property for the amount it really deserves?

• Or perhaps you are suffering from stress or sleep problems and certain you have tried everything to remedy that to no avail, Vastu Shastra is for you too.

• Thinking of buying a new property, home or flat. Read top vastu tips for buying a new home

The Vastu Shastra consultation will be catered to your individual or business needs, guiding you at every stage of the process.

What is the difference between Vastu Shastra and feng shui?

Being both sacred and ancient body of knowledge connection between people and the dwelling they live in, the first obvious difference between Vastu Shastra and feng shui is that while feng shui originated from China, Vastu Shastra is deeply rooted in the Hindu culture.

The other difference between the two is that Vastu Shastra is based on calculations and mathematical formulas ingrained in the respect for Hindu deities, while feng shui is based more on geographic considerations and local traditions as well practical applications. If you’re living in London or anywhere in the UK, naturally – your local architecture would take precedence over Oriental preferences.

Because Vastu Shastra and feng shui have different origins there will always be differences. For example, Vastu Shastra considers the north direction is conducive to success, as well as the east which is regarded as the source of the solar energy. In feng shui, however, south and southeast directions are believed to be conducive to success. Vastu Shastra uses Vedic astrology and feng shui uses Chinese and Japanese astrology.

Some differences between Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra

Some differences between Feng Shui & Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is more applicable for new projects where anything can be designed or changed. Feng shui has more practical solutions for already build buildings, therefore is more flexible and practical in this respect.

Vastu Shastra also brings together astrology and astronomy, while feng shui concentrates on balancing energies and creating more harmonious personal and business lives. Both Vastu and feng shui share the understanding of life force and its impact on buildings and ultimately on human performance, health, happiness and success. In Vastu, this life force is called prana and in feng shui is called ‘qi’ or ‘chi’ and in modern western science, it is simply called charge.

Limitations of Vastu Shastra

In short, historically, Vastu was for building properties from scratch, not for dealing with already built properties. Feng shui developed different ways of dealing with already constructed buildings and therefore it is more appropriate for western buildings with their existing problems where it might be impossible to make the structural or functional changes. In this respect, Vastu’s disadvantage is that it is very prescriptive and not very remedial.

Who should I consult? A Vastu expert or feng shui expert or both?

Ultimately, in order to judge which one suits your home or business best, feng shui or Vastu Shastra, it is best you call the Vastu Shastra consultant who is also a feng shui consultant and he’ll explain what is the best approach for your needs. Also, it’s very important to call a consultant who is an expert in Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) which includes electromagnetic pollution, dirty electricity and geopathic stress.

I have almost 30 years of experience in Vastu as well as feng shui and I am an environmental psychologist who understands how Vastu works and its applications to Western buildings and I have expertise in SBS (sick building syndrome), electro-smog, dirty electricity and geopathic stress. With my expertise, you will receive Vastu wisdom, combined with feng shui, environmental psychology and healthy home knowledge. My expertise is in modern applications of Vastu, without the traditional limitations.  My Vastu consultancy is based in London, and I travel in the UK. Remote Vastu consultations are also available (via Skype/Facetime/Whatsapp).

My Vastu consultation includes

• All aspects of Vastu (placement, colours, layouts, orientations, interventions, interior design features, etc)
• Checking Sick Building Syndrome (SBS): geopathic stress and solutions, EMF /electromagnetic smog pollution, dirty electricity
• If you require Vastu astrology analyses please provide DOBs before the consultation
• The consultation will last up to 2 hours and I will email you a Vastu report
• There is a follow-up fine tuning consultation included after a few months once you’ve done most of the improvements (so in effect, it’s a two part-consultation)
• Full support during the whole process (you can call and email me at any time)
• The consultation doesn’t include Vastu remedies (dirty electricity filters, etc) or interior design interventions (mirrors, images, etc) suggested by the consultant

My fee for Vastu consultation starts from £800 (incl VAT) depending on the location and the purpose ie vastu for home or vastu for business.

Remote Vastu consultation
If you live outside of London please let me know your location and I’ll email you a specific quote. Remote Vastu consultations are possible too via Skype, Whatsapp/Facetime, etc. My fee for the remote Vastu consultation for home starts from £500.

I advise on all aspects of Vastu for your future home or business.

Book your Vastu Shastra consultation
If you need a specific Vastu Shastra consultation for your home or workplace, please contact me on +44 7956 288574 or use the contact form

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