2016 - The Year of Fire Monkey - Red Colour of 2016

Feng Shui Tips 2016 – Feng Shui Tips for the Year of The Fire Monkey – Starting Monday 8 February 2016

Feng Shui Tips 2016 – Feng Shui Tips for the Year of The Fire Monkey – Starting Monday 8 February 2016

What are the characteristics of monkeys?
There are many different characteristics and traits that come to mind when we think about monkeys. Monkeys are full of curiosity, adventure and often mischief and perceived as being cute, as well as highly intelligent animals who have developed adaptable abilities. On the other hand, they can be irritable, impetuous, easily frustrated or bored.There are 264 known species of monkeys in the world at present and are often included with apes but they are different – i.e. the apes don’t have tails. Monkeys and humans share a common ancestry and nowadays even some modern human behaviours such as cooking, using money, prostitution, gambling, head shaking, using tools, cultural transmission, sign language, use of computers and fishing. Remember that monkeys are wild primates and can be unpredictable – so keep your distance from them. Monkeys tend to express affection and make peace with others by grooming each other. So what kind of trends can we expect in 2016 – the year of the monkey…

2016 the year of the fire monkey

2016 the year of the fire monkey

Trends for 2016

The new Chinese year 2016 is definitely going to be an interesting one. The way we’re shaping and re-shaping new realities it might be difficult to be sure about anything – just like the unpredictable nature of monkeys. Looking back at the previous fire monkey years (1956, Panic of 1896, 1836) we can see tendencies and trends for financial and political difficulties. But the world we’re living now is much more complex and volatile than in previous fire monkey years. Fortunately, the feng shui principle of yin and yang reminds us that there is nothing intrinsically good or bad – and even in the worst situations there is always a way out. So, as always, there will be positive things and less positive things happening in 2016. It’s up to us to shape our personal and collective realities as best as we can. And there are proven ways to boost your luck factor.

Bear market 1956-57

Feng shui tips 2016 

Check your personal feng shui astrology bagua for 2016
1) First check what your feng shui star element (ming gua /ba zhai) is on the chart below

Microsoft Word - 9 STAR KI Calendar.docx

This star chart is derived from the following calculation: add all the digits of the date of your birth until you end up with one digit and then subtract that number from 11. For example,  if you were born in 1988, 1+9+8+8=26 and then 2+6 = 8  and then 11-8=3, so 3 is your star number, and in 2016 your star is in the travel area of the bagua making it a particularly good year to travel. If your star number is 2 – then this year is good for focusing on your well-being, power and being present.

2) Check the bagua feng shui 2016 chart below and notice which house of the bagua your star element sits in this year. This should be your focus for 2016. For example, if your bagua number is 9, then your feng shui star is in the house of family this year – so focus on your family and clear any past issues. You can also place some photos of your family in the family area of your home or living room.

Bagua 2016 The Year of Fire Monkey

Bagua feng shui 2016 The Year of the Fire Monkey

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to clarify what you want to manifest in 2016. Print this bagua feng shui 2016 planner and write down what you want and what you’re willing to do feng shui-wise in your home or workplace this year.

Remember, feng shui = intention + energy + ritual. Good times to start something new are new moons. Usually you have about 8 hours to 3 days from the time the new moon starts to visualise what you want. Check the moon phases calendar for each month for your location. Also each sign of zodiac has one day a year when your new moon is the most potent: Virgo – July 4, 2016, Libra – August 2, 2016, Scorpio – September 1, 2016, Sagittarius – October 1, 2016, Capricorn – October 30, 2016, Aquarius – November 29, 2016, Pisces – December 29, 2016, Aries – January 28, 2017, Taurus – February 28, 2017, Gemini – March 28, 2017, Cancer – April 28, 2017, Leo – May 25, 2017. More on how to make your new moon work for you

Classical feng shui tips 2016
Classical feng shui suggests to place a metal windchime in the north east part of the house to protect negative energies coming from that direction in 2016. If a windchime is not appropriate there, you can use a pendulum clock or something metallic or reflective in that area and it will do the job. In the centre of the house/flat, one shouldn’t do much this year – just keep it tidy.
If things get out of control this year – get grounded or do some earthing – the element of earth will drain the monkey’s fire element.

Colours for 2016
The colours for 2016 are red (because it’s the fire monkey this year) and rose quartz and serenity (Pantone colours). Read more about the colours for 2016. Personally, I think the Pantone colours are more appropriate for the year of the fire monkey because they balance the fiery nature of this sign with serenity. I wish Pantone or another company made a door mat in these colours!

2016 colours of the year



Have fun

Monkeys are very playful. To remind yourself to have fun every day – get this Kipling monkeys towel.
Kipling Monkey Towel


Apply mindfulness to your home and workplace
Home is not simply where the heart is, but the mind too. By being mindful of your home or workplace you can respond to changes in 2016 in many adaptable and harmonious ways which will help you navigate through 2016. If you feel stressed, worried or concerned about anything – just sit still for a few minutes and allow your home to speak to you. What is out of balance in your home/workplace? What simple little things can you do to improve it so that it feels better? The classic space clearing or de-cluttering rituals always work. When we clear things we always feel better. If you don’t like doing it yourself ask friends to help you – or just buy some fresh flowers. Inviting friends or family for a small party always works because other people’s energies will shift the energy in your home.
“Life is not hurrying
on to a receding future,
nor hankering after an imagined past.” 
RS Thomas

Good bedroom feng shui = energy, vitality and health
Feng shui underlining formula is very simple: intention + energy + ritual. Your intention for changes or improvements in your life is important – so get clear about exactly what you want. Your energy is the key – the more energy you have the quicker you can manifest your goals and dreams. One of the most important aspects of our lives is sleep – which is the key energy driver. If you sleep well and wake up completely refreshed and full of energy then it means that your bedroom (the most important room in feng shui) is working for you. Double check that you don’t have geopathic stress and electro-stress (switch off your wireless wifi for the night). Ideally, sleep in total darkness.

Sweet homeMake your living space feel like a real home
When we feel truly at home we thrive. In order to grow and thrive we need to feel safe. John S Allen in his book Home: How Habitat Made Us Human says that “home is one of the most important cognitive, technological, and cultural products of our species’ evolution.” The deep pleasure we can receive from our homes is rooted in both our evolution and our identity as humans. Home is both a feeling and a perception. The more you make your dwelling your home the more you’ll thrive.
1) Find a nice ‘home’ sign you like (or make one) and place it somewhere in your kitchen (or the living room) which are usually considered to be the hubs of our homes.
2) Fill your home with photos of family and friends – research suggests that social connections are the most important thing in our lives and are a major contributor to our health, happiness and success. Cultivate memories by displaying photos of places and events you’ve seen – place them everywhere and include souvenirs which evoke memories of time and space.
3) Make your bathroom a relaxation sanctuary. Soak in your bathtub. Regular baths help to ground and discharge not only body stress, but also electro-smog.
4) Embrace the wabi-sabi of your home. Wabi-sabi is the Japanese art and philosophy of finding beauty in imperfection. If your home feels too perfect (too tidy and clutter free) then people can’t really feel at home and relaxed – so don’t get stressed by trying to constantly keep it tidy and immaculate. You don’t want your home to look like a hotel or a perfect photo from an interior design magazine. The 80/20 rules apply: make sure that your home works 80% of the time. Old things, broken things and even antiques objects will add to the longevity feel of your home because aged patina brings warmth into the home. Grow something new even if it’s just fresh herbs and then let them decay a bit – this is wabi-sabi in action. Wabi-sabi will save you when you’re having a ‘bad-house’ day. Perfectionism is a script for self-defeat. If you feel at ease in your home, so will others.
5) Engage all senses. Make your home a sensual place. Use scents: flowers, perfume, freshly-baked cakes, clean laundry, hand soaps. Use different warm lights and candles to make it a warm home. One thing that crops up a lot in relation to homes is: warmth. Add warm colours. Paint a wall or an unloved piece of furniture, line your wardrobe with colourful paper, find a poster with vivid warm colours, use orange cushions or paint a handrail or radiator red.
6) Love your home. Find things that you love in your home and don’t worry about the 20% that you’re not happy with (80/20 rule again). Appreciate what you’ve got. There is no other home like yours – it is completely unique. And according to Kaplan and Kaplan’s preference model (1989) what makes it unique are four basic preference factors for any space i.e. coherence, legibility, complexity, and mystery. Be daring – try something completely new (if you want new things to happen in your life) i.e. bring in new colours, new pictures, new patterns, new flooring, new lights, rearrange furniture and place beautiful new books in unexpected places (76% of us report that reading makes us happy and improves our lives). Be adventurous, adapt your surroundings, and have more parties – invite family, friends and neighbours to enjoy and energise your home.

2016 The year of the fire monkey

2016 The year of the fire monkey

Summary & top feng shui tips for 2016
In short, although 2016 – the year of the fire monkey – can be an unpredictable year, it can also be a fun year. Anything can happen – but it’s up to you how you navigate well through this year.
The top feng shui tips for 2016 are:
1) make the most of your surroundings and build your “sense of home”
2) check your bedroom for electro-smog and geopathic stress – to have the best sleep possible
3) cultivate your personal energy through positive feng shui adjustments – make regular (seasonal changes) to your home and workplace
4) Develop richer and broader social networks – have more photos of friends and family
5) have fun!

Celebrate the New Chinese Year 2016: 8 February 2016
Please note that the Chinese celebrate their New Year for five days so make sure to do something to celebrate it. One of the best and simplest ways to celebrate a new beginning is to wear something brand new. If you want to raise your vibration get a pair of new shoes or a new lipstick – all women know how to make themselves feel better and boost their vibration with new things…

Have a great, fun and prosperous Year of the Fire Monkey!

Feng shui consultations for 2016
If you need a specific feng shui consultation for your home or workplace in 2016 – or just a yearly feng shui MOT, please contact me on +44 7956 288574 or use the contact form

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