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Feng Shui Logos – How to Design Logos and Business Cards with Feng Shui Principles
Feng Shui Guide to Selling Properties
Feng Shui Psychology: Feng Shui Meets Environmental Psychology
Feng shui for animals at the L.A. zoo – Jan Cisek, feng shui consultant, talks to BBC
Speed Feng Shui – feng shui for busy people
Feng Shui Checklist
Feng Shui for universities

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Feng Shui Logos – How to Design Logos and Business Cards with Feng Shui Principles
Having a strong identity is very important in any line of work. When your brand is strong and distinctive it is seen as a mark of quality and trust. Effective branding is the key factor in attracting long term, loyal clients. Although originally feng shui was applied to physical environments, now it is being applied to the virtual environments as brands and websites. You may have a harmonious feng shui at your office but is your feng shui aligned with your brand? Does your logo comply with good feng shui criteria? During this practical talk you will learn how to use feng shui principles in designing logos and business cards (and even your signature which is your personal logo). Please bring your business cards for assessment.


Feng Shui Guide to Selling Properties
Watch Jan speaking at the Feng Shui Conference in London UK
Feng shui is a master tool for selling (and buying) properties. Selling a property with feng shui is easy and very efficient – if you make sure that the key aspects of feng shui are covered almost any property can be sold very quickly. There are several important factors that will always affect the sale of your home or business – the three biggies being geopathic stress, ghosts and emotional attachment (the unwillingness of people to move or change). Learn the essential feng shui checklist to maximise the value of your property and ensure a quick sale.

Feng Shui Psychology: Feng Shui Meets Environmental Psychology – Jan Cisek
Feng Shui Conference V, London UK, 29 October 2011
“We shape our building, thereafter they shape us.” said Winston Churchill who is considered a ‘grandfather’ of Environmental Psychology. The definitions of feng shui and Environmental Psychology overlap a great deal. They both talk about the interaction between different environments and people. This talk will present the scientific evidence of how some aspects of feng shui work based on Jan’s MSc in Environmental Psychology.

Feng shui for animals at the L.A. zoo – Jan Cisek, feng shui consultant talks to BBC
L.A. zoo employed a feng shui consultant to help with designing the best environment for three golden monkeys that have been bought from China.
A feng shui expert was hired for $4,500, “because the exhibit would not only house golden monkeys but would teach people about the culture of China, and that included the principals of feng shui,” said the spokesmen for the L.A. zoo.
Watch Jan Cisek, the feng shui consultant from London commenting on the use of feng shui for monkey’s new habitat and to replicate the cultural aspects of a rural Chinese village where these monkeys are from.

Speed Feng Shui – feng shui for busy people
A talk by the feng shui consultant Jan Cisek presented at the Feng Shui Society Confernence on the 6th February 2010.
Speed is the key trend now. Time is the currency of life, not money. We have speed reading, speed dating, speed shrinking and now it’s time to have speed feng shui. It’s for people who don’t have much time for such things but still want to improve their environments with feng shui.

Feng Shui Checklist at Feng Shui Conference III, London UK, 26 June 2010
Checklists have been used by surgeons, engineers, architects, pilots and other professionals. Checklists save time, save lives and ensure that things work. Originally developed by aviators to enable them to minimise the risks of making simple mistakes when flying or in times of emergencies, checklists are now routinely used by many organisations and disciplines.
Feng shui has become a very complex discipline now which involves knowing all kinds of patterns for how environments affect our lives. Yet simple feng shui checklists will ensure that you can make better decisions for feng shui to work for you every time. Jan will present an essential 9-item feng shui checklist and explain how it is the starting point for even the most complex situations.

Read an interview with Jan Cisek, feng shui expert

Feng shui for universities

Q&Q talk with Chrissie Parker and Jan Cisek