Feng Shui Your Kitchen – a talk by Jan Cisek

Feng Shui Your Kitchen – a talk by Jan Cisek for Oliver’s Wholefood Store, Kew, West London UK
“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us.” said Winston Churchill. In a nutshell, this is what feng shui is about. The key principle in feng shui is chi (energy, vital life force) and the kitchen is considered the most important space because that’s where we create our energy and health and consequently wealth, success and happiness.
In this highly informative and practical talk, you will learn how to optimise your kitchen for maximum health and efficiency, the 7 secret ingredients that will spice up your life and enhance your relationship and family life and how to create and concentrate life force in your kitchen.

Feng shui kitchen – checklist (from the feng shui talk for Oliver’s Whole Food Store in Kew, West London, UK)
1. The positioning of the kitchen (not facing the front door, no toilet next to it, ideally in the south/east part of the house)
2. Lighting (spotlights, no fluorescent strip lighting)
3. Space (tables, worktops)
4. Stove (gas with many burners, electric, microwave oven) position (power), vent
5. Water. Get a water filter – ideally, you should have a whole house water filter (you absorb more chlorine from showering than from drinking water because of water droplets). Please check if it’s possible to install it your home.
http://itdoesthejob.com/water/filtration/ Mention my name (Jan Cisek) and you’ll get 15% off the price.
6. Stove vs sink (fire quarrels with water)
7. Cycle of cooking (fridge > sink > pots > stove)
8. Fridge/larder (full), fridge – notice board
9. Colours (warm, pastel, yellows, green, off white, avoid blue)
10. Flowers (money plant, lemon balm)
11. Herbs (spices)
12. Hub/heart of your home
13. Juicer (life force)
14. Bless the food (especially if it’s not organic)
15. Tools in good order (knives /ceramic/ should be sharp, no aluminium pots, use glass or stainless steel)
16. Avoid sharp corners
17. No broken/chipped cups, etc
18. Prismatic/ rainbow crystal/ maker
19. Check for geopathic stress (GS) and electromagnetic radiation / Install Helios3 neutraliser (helios3.com)
20. Salt

How to select the countertop
• Start with understanding how space will be used
• Don’t choose the style of a countertop in isolation
• Choose the right material for you (natural stone, marble, soapstone, porcelain, sintered stone, granite, stainless steel, wood, etc)
• Plan the details and a sealer

Kitchen as a status symbol
Kitchens have become the ultimate status symbols with not one kitchen but two and two of everything (two ovens, two dishwashers, four wine coolers, etc). Add a fridge with remote controlled shelve, teppanyaki hotplaes, boiling water taps and of course the right people to run your kitchen. Celebrities (Professor Green, David Cameron, Tinie Tempah) splash out on super-kitchens (£200,000 and upwards) and the demand is growing. “The kitchen has become the greatest domestic class-signifier.” said Design Musuem director Deyan Sudjic.

Jan Cisek is London’s top feng shui expert and trainer. He’s been instrumental in making feng shui popular in the UK through his TV programs and by co-founding the Feng Shui Society. His clients include multinational corporations and celebrities.

Feng Shui Your Kitchen – handout

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