Feng Shui Mentoring

Feng Shui Mentor

I offer feng shui mentoring for feng shui students, feng shui consultants and feng shui enthusiasts as well as architects, interior designer and organisers.

What is feng shui mentoring?

Feng shui mentoring is defined as a professional relationship where an experienced and qualified professional feng shui mentor assists another person (the mentoree) in developing specific feng shui skills and knowledge for their academic, professional and personal growth.

What does a feng shui mentor do?

• Teaches specific feng shui skills
• Facilitates growth by sharing feng shui resources
• Challenges the mentoree to move beyond their comfort zone
• Creates a safe learning environment for taking risks
• Focuses on the mentoree’s total development

Feng shui mentoring for business

If you’re a starting your own business or a feng shui consultant starting your feng shui practice, I offer full support and mentoring to help you launch your business. I have over 30 years of experience in helping large and small business as well as entrepreneurs with aligning feng shui with their brands. I’ve been working as brander, marketer, online marketer, SEO expert and website designer so I can help you at any stage of your business development and growth.

How mentoring works

Mentoring is usually, short-term, semi-structured guidance where a mentor shares her knowledge, skills, and experience to assist others to progress in their own lives, study, and careers. Mentoring is more than ‘offering advice’ – it’s about empowering and motivating others to identify their own issues and problems and helping them to find their own unique ways and inner resources of solving them.

Are you looking for a feng shui mentor?

Please contact me for further info.