How to feng shui bunkers or underground shelters

Feng shui is applicable to any living setting whether it is home, workplace. a yacht or any type of housing, including bankers and underground shelters. In the times of radical uncertainty, people who are worried about the end of the world and have plenty of money to spare are investing in luxury doomsday bunkers. The bunkers are complete for every possible scenario to keep people alive for years to come – with wine cellars, hydroponic farms, shooting range, the gym, the classroom, the rock-claiming wall, the art gallery, the cinema, the 75ft swimming pool and even casinos. Watch the video below about Larry Hall’s The Survival Condo in Kansas. But Larry Hall is not the only developer cashing on the trend. A Californian company, Vivos, has purchased a Cold War bunker in a hill in Thuringia, Germany and also repurposing a former US army munitions store in the Black Hills of South Dakota. The trend among preppers/survivalists for bunkers and underground shelters is visible in other countries too.

Feng shui, wind-water for bunkers
As the name suggests, in feng shui, air and water are the most important elements and these are also for any bunker or underground shelter. Super fresh, ionised air and pure water can be easily produced with the right air and water filters.

Natural light
Full-spectrum natural lighting is key for a long time underground.

Reduced electro-smog and geopathic stress
Staying in one place that has high levels of geopathic stress and electro-smog, without means of escaping should be the top priority for any bunker or underground shelter.

Environmental psychology for your emotional, mental and spiritual needs
Once all the basic physical needs are met, our homes need to nourish our souls as well. As an environmental psychologist, I specialise in full optimisation of any dwelling for emotional, mental and spiritual needs.

Watch this video about this 90 feet into the Earth, luxury doomsday bunker (based in Kansas, 2-hour drive north of Wichita, called The Survival Condo) which was designed by the developer Larry Hall (Engineer and Software Developer) to sustain life for up to five years. They thought about almost everything there, including the living room’s faux views.

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