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Feng shui consultant near you

If you are looking for a feng shui consultant near you – with 30+ years of experience in feng shui, vastu and environmental psychology feel free to call/text me on +44 7956 288574 for a quote for feng shui consultation for your home or workplace. Although I live in London, I do remote feng shui consultations, and I do travel. Email me

If you’re looking for a feng shui consultant near your home or business here’s a list of places where I work onsite or/and remotely.

Feng shui consultant in Reykjavik, Iceland
Feng shui consultant in Lisbon, Portugal
Feng shui consultant in London, UK
Feng shui consultant in Porto, Portugal
Feng shui consultant in Funchal, Madeira
Feng shui consultant in Edinburgh, Scotland 
Feng shui consultant in Faro, Portugal
Feng shui consultant in Barcelona, Spain
Feng shui consultant in Bucharest, Romania
Feng shui consultant in Glasgow, Scotland
Feng shui consultant in Budapest, Hungary
Feng Shui Consultant in Belgrade, Serbia
Feng Shui Consultant in Valletta, Malta
Feng shui consultants in Hong Kong
Feng shui consultants in Oslo, Norway
Feng shui consultants in Tallinn, Estonia
Feng shui consultants in Copenhagen, Denmark
Feng shui consultant in Athens, Greece
Feng shui consultant in Stockholm Sweden
Feng shui consultant in Madrid, Spain
Feng shui consultant in Helsinki, Finland
Feng shui consultants in Naples and Italy
Feng shui consultant in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Feng shui consultants in Paris, France
Feng shui consultants in Vienna, Austria
Feng shui consultants in Palma de Mallorca, Mallorca, Spain
Feng Shui Consultant in Zurich and Switzerland
Feng Shui Consultant in Valencia, Spain
Feng Shui Consultant in Seville, Spain

Feng shui of town and cities

When I visit different cities, I tend to look, from feng shui perspective, at the same things and aspects, noticing sameness and differences and all the details such as:
• the map of the city, the layout of streets and general shapes;  I try to get hold of local honey, which is said to contain a fractal map of the place to embody the energetics of the city
• highest points to give me an overview of the place; there is something about seeing and sensing the whole city from one high point and best if there is a cafe or bar to enjoy the vistas (for example, the Esplanada do Teleférico Porto Portugal, positioned on a clifftop overlooking Porto or ONE Dine at One World Observatory at One World Trade Center, NYC or one of the four restaurants at Shard in London or free view from Sky Gardens in London)
• energetic points or power places
• chi/ energy level
• yin and yang
• five elements and how the shape the place; for example, street lighting can inform me about the fire element and safety aspects
• (shui) water element with rivers, lakes and water features as well as free water fountains which show that the mayors care about clean water, and are ecological, saving on plastic water bottles, etc and (feng) air element with trees, parks, greens
biophilia effect: nature, parks, trees, city wildlife, plant life, window boxes; a great example is The High Line in Manhattan, NYC or secret gardens that you need to discover in every city
• people, values of the people; “What is the city but the people.” Shakespeare wrote in Coriolanus
• city branding; how cities and their mayors brand the spirit of their cities is essential to how visitors will perceive them; for example, Paris hasn’t changed the metro’s cleaning liquid because people have a familiar association with that scent
• the spirituality of the place, usually churches and sacred sites
• the processor law ie the history of the place and any traumatic events

“What is the city but the people.” Shakespeare

• street clocks can have a calming as well as an energising effect on us because they help us to pause and think and reevaluate our relationship to time and are also great landmarks; the word ‘time’ is the most used word in English
• energy flow, how traffic and transport works; bikes friendly cities appear more friendly and community-driven – clean air in any city is the most important aspect of the feng shui of the place
Kaplan & Kaplan model (which maps coherence, congruence, legibility and the mystery of a place); surprise and a sense of place help to boost the dopamine levels in visitors which in turn help to enhance focus and thrill people; for example, in New York City, especially in Manhattan, every building is different which makes it such an energising city
• fractality of the place which is the measure of complexity
• beautiful pavements with their mesmerising patterns enhance the energies of cities by adding complexity and joy; good examples are calçada portuguesa or mosaico português (Portuguese paving) in Lisbon but also in Rio de Janeiro; my environmental psychology dissertation was on pattern recognition and pavement design
• markets which tend to offer a glimpse into the local vibe
• bookshops, which help to establish how knowledge and wisdom is important for the people
• nightlife and entertainment – play is an important aspect of any environment, especially in times of uncertainty
• fun and escapism; for example, a free open-air cinema in Paris (Parc de la Villette) create also a community spirit or Wimbledon village during the Wimbledon tennis championship
• swimming facilities
• food energetics
• community spirit
• people; are locals friendly, kind, happy and helpful, do they smile?
• art galleries and museums will suggest the culture and artistic temperament
• the property market and property development opportunities
• global and local trends and how the city is positioned on the global scale for living standards, security, safety, etc

According to Why Cities Look the Way They Do by Richard J Williams what shapes the cities and their appearance is money, work, political power, war, sexual behaviour and culture. Williams concludes his analysis that the future of urbanisation and cities may well lie not in super megacities with their soulless towers for the superrich, but in medium-sized cities such as Leicester.

Ecological and sustainable feng shui travel tips

Feng shui is about harmony with nature and supporting nature and the Earth is more important than ever. Overtourism is becoming a big problem for some cities and places. Although the world has 195 countries, the top 20 accounts for almost two-thirds of tourist arrivals. For example, the top destination, France (with a population of 67m), receives 82m tourists a year.

Over the course of my life, I’ve been travelling and always trying to be as ecological as possible. With the advent of the Internet, I’m doing more online and remote feng shui consultations for my clients. A few reminders of do’s and don’ts as to how to become a more ecological and kinder person for the planet:
• do plan your journey with an emissions calculator (ecopassenger.org) – train travels will cut your CO2 by half, on average
• don’t fly domestically – go by train instead, as Greta Thunburg suggests and use the local transport (not Uber)
• do pick a climate-conscious airline via Atmosfair Airline index (TUI UK, Thomas Cook, Jet2 and Air New Zealand rank high)
• don’t print your boarding passes, unless you have to
• do pick waste-free flights (pioneered by Qantas and followed by Etihad, Hi Fly for operating plastic-free; Ryanair will be plastic-free by 2023)
• do look at the sustainable top 100 destinations list and choose the greenest options such as Slovenia, Ecuador and Lake Tahoe which rank high
• do stay longer to cut down the frequency of your travels
• do stay in Airbnb – home use less energy, than hotels
• do have a staycation – ie staying locally or at home
• do offset your CO2 by voluntary carbon tax using gold-rated Verified Carbon Standard projects such as the World Land Trust Carbon Balanced project in Paraguay (worldlandtrust.org)
• do inset, which is a personal version of offset by using WWF’s footprint calculator (footprint.wwf.org.uk) to put money into reducing emissions in your life, such as buying an electric car or solar panels.
• do choose sustainable resorts that do beneficial work for the environment such as growing organic food, minimising waste, etc
• do take an eco-pledge
• nothing is worth queueing for other than good restaurants, and even then no more than 20 minutes
• ask local people for tips; barmen and taxi drivers know best but they’ll probably recommend their cousin’s shop or restaurant, so be aware of that too – check ratings on Google maps and talk to other tourists
• avoid places that have been described as ‘must-see’; get lost instead – you’ll discover something interesting and your sense of direction will get a boost; if you want to go to must-see locations, go off-season
• when travelling with somebody plan mutually enjoyable activities, some that involve walking and standing and some that don’t; check feng shui tips for some locations above


Start your own travel checklist so you don’t forget anything.

  • Boarding tickets
  • Passport/s
  • iPhone + charger + travel converters + power bank
  • Local money/cash
  • Apple Watch + charger
  • Download the local maps on my Google Maps (then when browsing you don’t use your data which in some countries can be expensive)
  • Eye masks, earplugs, support for the neck
  • Apps to help you navigate through any city: Airbnb, Spinlister (to rent a bike, an Airbnb for bikes), EatWith (eat with locals who will cook for you), Vayable (local-lead tours), or Tinder (if you want to hook up with locals).

Be well prepared for the trip
• Get the right insurance – 10 million Brits fail to take out adequate travel insurance. In Europe, you can get a European Health Insurance / EHIC Card for free and although the UK is out of the EU many countries say that they will recognise EHIC card BUT do check.
• Take your holiday first-aid kit: painkillers, plasters and dressings, rehydration sachets, antihistamines, tweezers and scissors, a couple of lengths of Tubigrip, antiseptic, vitamin C, aloe vera aftersun, insect repellant and tick removers

Looking for a feng shui consultant near you, Call/text Jan on +44 7956288574 or email him

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