The Good Country Index

Do you live in a good country – i.e. the country that does the most good for the world?

Feng shui studies how environments such as homes and workplaces affect our well-being, success and health. Feng shui is also about being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things and with the right mindset (which is a short definition for luck factor). On a larger scale, living in a good country helps too, since feng shui promotes living in harmony with the Earth and Heaven. Do you live in a good country that does the most good for the world? Watch this TED talk and find out. If you want to know right now – just check the chart for the Good Country Index just click on Read more > below the video clip.

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The Luck Factor according to Dr Richard Wiseman – Four Practical Principles for Increasing Your Luck

LUCK FACTOR – Are You Feeling Lucky? If you want to increase your luck there is scientific way to do that. Read on if you want to know how to get more lucky…

Luck in Chinese

Luck in Chinese

The Luck Project was originally conceived to scientifically explore psychological differences between people who considered themselves exceptionally lucky and unlucky. This initial work was funded by The Leverhulme Trust and undertaken by Dr. Richard Wiseman in collaboration with Dr. Matthew Smith and Dr. Peter Harris. To explore the subject more read ‘The Luck Factor’ by Dr. Richard Wiseman.

“Fortune favours the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur

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Boats and Helicopters Story – How to Become More Lucky and Recognise Opportunities

Lucky people learnt to recognise opportunities everywhere and listen to alarm bells. This short story should remind you that we have boats and helicopters coming our way when we need help.

'Boats and helicopters' – learn how to recognise them

‘Boats and helicopters’ – learn how to recognise them

Boats and helicopters
There was a flood and everyone was being evacuated from the village. As the water rose, one man went to the top storey of his house. He remained calm, because he knew that he was a good man and that God would save him. A rescue boat came by, but the man said ‘Don’t worry about me. God will save me.’ The water rose higher and he climbed onto the roof.

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